Sunday, June 1, 2008

Final Stages

  • 8:04am- John called his SOD contact to confirm the delivery set up for that evening. Contact confirmed.
  • 4:52pm- Chey left the house last to go out with the girls for dinner and then meet up with the husbands at the O-Club after the Student Naming. No SOD yet.
  • 8:12pm- John calls his work crew (buddies) to confirm a 7am start to escape the 100 degree temps.
  • 10:46pm- John and Chey round the corner to our street when it's quite obvious there is still NO SOD!!!
  • 10:48pm- Angry and confused, John and Chey got back into the car and drove around the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods to see if it was mistakenly dropped off somewhere else.
  • 11:11pm- John disappointingly text his "work crew" to let them know that the SOD wasn't delivered and the next morning was not solid.
  • 11:23pm- Bed time.
  • 2:06am- Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter!! Chey sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Robed and tip-toeing through the dark night, when into plain view was the SOD rolled up tight!
  • 2:08am- Chey and John happily returned to bed.
  • 5:53am- Ring, Ring!!! "It's Notch- isn't it?" "Hey Notch!.... Sure you can borrow a bike.... OK, we'll see you in 20 minutes."
  • 6:10am- Notch and crew arrive and depart with one of our mountain bikes.
  • 6:14am- (76 degrees) The first patch of SOD was laid.
  • 6:19am- John and Chey are enthusiastically working together to lay out the SOD in the yard!!!
  • 7:01am- (79 degrees) John text "Wild Bill" to let him know the work party was back on!
  • 8:04am-(84 degrees) John called "Wild Bill"- No answer
  • 8:06am- John went two doors down to ring "Wild Bill's" door- No answer!
  • 8:56am- (91 degrees) Neighbor Pat peered over the wall and asked if he could help...
  • 9:01am- Pat began wheeling the rolled SOD back to the yard and strategically placing them for John and Chey to unroll and fit.
  • 9:26am- Chey called "Wild Bill"- No answer
  • 9:27am- Chey walked down and rang Wild Bill's" door bell- no answer.
  • 9:34am- (93 degrees) The crew- John, Pat and Chey- continued working, but tired much quicker and needed more breaks!
  • 10:57am- (98 degrees) In walks "Wild Bill" and "EWOK" apologetically. We put them to work!
  • 12:33pm- (98 degrees) Finished up the SOD!!!
  • 12:41pm- Chey ran down and jumped into "Wild Bill's" pool with Cana and was joined later by all the guys (Except for John who decided to pick up another 700# of gravel and fill in any spots, as well as pick up cinder blocks to begin the fire pit/bench project).
  • 2:49pm- Chey was still swimming along with the other guys (still minus John)
  • 3:00pm- Chey went back home to help John with the work and began transporting cinder blocks into the back yard.
  • 3:16pm- The other guys, "Wild Bill," "EWOK," and "Fuse" came over and began helping too!!!
  • 3:51pm- All work was finished and we returned back to "Wild Bill's" (with John) to jump back into the refreshing pool!
We truly appreciate all the help we got with the project and the guys couldn't have come at a more opportune time, since Pat was finished bringing the SOD back and John and I were exhausted from putting it in. The guys gave us the extra boost of energy we needed to finish the job.

Now for the finishing touches:
Notice the Bougainvillea we planted in the little patio opening.

John put up speakers connecting to our stereo inside as well as misters to keep us cool as we enjoy our little oasis.


Snakeye said...

Looks good! I'm sure the patio speakers will be an added bonus... but if you're throwing the party right, you can usually hear the songs pretty clearly from the speakers inside the house!

Mom said...

Who in their right mind would deliver sod at 2 AM???? And... 93 degrees by 9:30 AM!!!! I'm sweating just thinking about it!!! I melt doing outside work over 88 degrees and by 93 I'd be dehydrated!!! However, it looks GREAT!!! Now what are you going to do??? Sit out on the porch and watch the sprinklers water the grass and party??? : )

Chey's Dad said...

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Mike and Judi Winslow said...

I guess it all matters about what the definition of "evening" is, huh?
Y'all have a first class yard. The speakers and misters are an excellent touch.
(depending on the hardness of your water, you might have to soak the nozzles in CLR every now and then to keep them clean)

jamie & matt said...

WOW! It looks AWESOME!! Great job!! We're just beginning our process this weekend by tearing up our deck.... here we go! :)

Lord Family said...

It looks awesome! I can't believe all the hard work you have done. Wanna come fix our yard?