Friday, June 27, 2008

The Bump Factor...

Well, I'm 34 weeks pregnant today... that's 6 weeks till my ultra cool due date (8/8/08)- but I'm not so much a believer that Riley will have his birthday on August 8th... What's the likelihood- really? I do plan on walking like 5 miles the day before just in case he's ready to make his presentation to the world! Anyway, here are some progression pics through my pregnancy so far... I feel like in the last 3 weeks or so, I (or he) have really grown! I don't know where I have room to grow these last several weeks, but we will find out!

18 weeks

21 weeks

24 weeks

27 weeks

30 weeks

Today- 34 weeks


Mom said...

I see a little more room up under your diaphragm!! Mom's can always see spaces to be filled in tummies whether it's for food or for Rileys. : )

Krista Hussar said...

OK... so you are really pregnant nowadays!! But you're still in your short shorts :-) That's my girl! Love you!

lee said...

this baby's gonna be a gold medalist! congrats again, cheyenne. you look fantastic!

Lord Family said...

On the one hand, I really wish we'd get to hang out while we're both pregnant. On the other hand, thank god we won't be standing next to each other any time soon because I look like a whale compared to you! You look great!

JonandLo said...

Ok, it is not fair for you to look this good at 9 months. Seriously girl- you got some good genes!! I can't wait to see your cute little baby. Almost here!