Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrate Good Times!

September 3rd was our 3 year anniversary!! So why am I posting about our anniversary when it was weeks ago?? Because John's surprises for me (in lieu of our anniversary) are happening now!

3 years ago...
I can't believe it's been 3 years- it feels so close and so far all at once! I can honestly say that in the last 3 years, we've really gotten much closer and our love has grown stronger!! Before finding John, I had always longed to be put on a pedestal by my spouse and once I became a Christian I realized that I desired sacrificial love as Jesus displays. I think our relationship is full of self-sacrifice for the happiness of the other. Many a night have I stayed up, giving back rubs and head scratches when all I really want to do is go to sleep!! But John's purr's make it all worth it. And for our anniversary, John surprised me 2 fold.

First, he arranged a photo shoot with a girl that I had wanted to hire for family pictures. I had mentioned it to John while Riley was still in utero and he discouraged me saying that we are capable of taking pictures (this is the endearing frugal side of my husband). So the splurge to get some GOOD pictures taken was such a wonderful surprise that I welled up with tears when he let me in on the secret! (The previewed pics are displayed but I'll be getting many more and will post some in the future!)

Secondly, John purchased VIP concert tickets to a girl band that I love- Barlow Girl! They are an edgy Christian group who's message I can really connect with. So the concert was last Sunday night and it was our first outing without Riley!!! Though it was hard to leave him home, we had some really great friends from church who were willing to give us the night out and watch him! (Thanks Jim, Tiff and Emily!!) Though John listens to Barlow Girl's music on Air1, they definitely aren't his favorite and once we got to the concert, I realized even more how sacrificially he was giving for me! The demographics at the concert was pretty much 90% young (between ages 7 and 17) girls with very shrill and screechy screams!! I don't know if anyone has been to a concert filled with mostly young girls but I compare it to an NKOTB concert I went to when I was in that age- probably 13 at the time and I was one of those schreaky young ladies!! It's actually deafening-- John felt that his ears had to have been bleeding on the way home from the concert! Other than the ear discomfort, the concert was awesome! The message: Be yourself and don't ever be afraid to stand up for what you know is right- even if it's not "popular" or the way of the world!! These girls have vowed to purity. To them this means that they will not "date" a man until it is the man they marry! They develop friendships which enables them to determine if this guy is "The guy" or not. So there are 3 sisters in the band- ages 28, 26, and 23- all of whom have not kissed or even held hands with a boy! Extreme? Maybe. But I absolutely have the utmost respect and awe for them and their conquest! This is just one example where they've resisted doing what "everyone else is doing" in spite of enormous pressures they may have felt because of what they believe in! There are so many aspects of my life that I have given in to peer pressure, social acceptance and the ways of the world to do something that is less than what I had aimed for! It's tough but I'm inspired!
Here's a little music video of Barlow Girl.


Barlow Girl- Grey lyrics

John and I with the band, Barlow Girl


Krista said...

Pretty awesome Chey! I think my sisters love their music as well, but I haven't heard much yet. Happy 3rd anniversary!

Jenny Brooks said...

Very cute wedding photos, and Happy Anniversary! :) I have wanted to hear their whole CD, but haven't gotten around to it. I have a Christian mix CD, that has a song by them on it. Sounds like you had fun!

Mom said...

I was wondering how you knew so much about their beliefs when I realized the last picture was you guys WITH them!!! That must have made it super special! I suspect that John had a good time even though he wasn't a fan prior to the concert. Meeting them gave it a whole new dimension I'm sure!!! What an awesome belated anniversary!!

pam said...

Happy anniversary! It goes by fast, doesn't it?