Thursday, September 11, 2008

Up the Big Hill

Our little family took Riley on his first road trip as we traveled to Flagstaff for an extended weekend stay. John first tried to sell it as an anniversary get away (our 3 year anniversary was September 3rd), but when we wanted to avoid the expensive lodging costs and decided to bunk up with family, it became apparent that it was more of a hunting outing than a romantic get away. Well, our celebratory weekend is coming... We're now holding out till Grandma W gets here so she can spend some one on one with Riley- thus giving John and I some one on one as well! Anywho- we got to Flag on Friday evening. John would play mountain man in the early am (4:30am-ish) and every evening, looking for his prize buck... Well, not knowing the lay of the land or having any familiarity really, it was more like guess work. But none the less, he saw many of God's creatures... just couldn't shoot them since they were of the female variety and his tag was only good for the males.

While he was out in the wilderness, I spent time with his aunt, uncle, cousins and even second cousin(?)! We happened to catch the Rt. 66 Car show as it passed through town on Saturday. We scoped all the old, yet beautifully restored cars- although John was disappointed at the lack of Mopar showing.

One of John's fellow pilot friends from Korea is now out of the military and living in Flagstaff so I got to sit down with her and her new baby (7 months) and do tea. It was nice to get to know her better since John has nothing but great things to say about her. John even got to join our little girl pow-wow the following day. I had a stranger take a picture, but apparently the auto feature is too complex.. Just kidding. I should have put the flash up.

I got to break out some of the 0-3 month clothes for cooler weather. Since Riley is such a big boy, and growing quickly (he's over 10 lbs already) I am happy to get him into the adorable outfits before he's outgrown them!


Mom said...

Riley's looking pretty spiffy in his new outfits! He's looking good! Sorry John didn't get his buck, but I'm sure he had a satisfying time communing with nature. Glad you had a nice first trip!

Jenny Brooks said...

there's a yummy restaurant up there in Flag, I can't remember the name - something like Grandma's closet or something? Did you see it? It's a pretty cutsey place to eat. Glad you're all doing well!