Monday, September 1, 2008

The Angel we call Noni

After about 10 days following the birth of Riley, my mom headed back home to Texas. What a blessing it was to have her here to keep me company, help with all the house stuff (dishes, laundry, etc.), teach me the art of being a mommy and reminisce of days gone by when Trav and I were babies. She did get off relatively easy when it came to being our family chef- since our church family really took care of us, bringing us delicious, home cooked meals every day for the first week and some! None-the-less... our time spent with Noni was wonderful and we are so thankful for the opportunity!! Love you!

Riley's first bath

Noni you are special
Your love knows no bounds
A room takes special warmth
whenever you’re around
You think I’m cute and talented
and maybe even wise
But I know that's why all grandparents
see though loving eyes
Every day with you is precious
I’m so grateful for the time
Of all the grandparents in the world
I’m thankful that you're mine

-Love- Riley


Mom (aka Noni) said...

WOW!! That's really sweet!! My bags are packed - I'll be back after the car is fixed! It goes in tomorrow for a few days! Oh darn! You won't be home - you'll be in Flagstaff!!! : )

Mom said...

Chey, that last picture is "priceless"!!! Did you write the poem??? You are an awesome daughter!

Snakeye said...

Nice post... seriously. Where'd you get the poem?

Mom let me in on you guy's converstaion about what to call the grandparents... I say we start with that (although I still think "Noni and Pappy" sound like they should have some teeth missing with jeans overalls covered in oil and cow shit)... but if the kids modify it along the way, I say we go with it.

Cheyenne and John said...

Trav- I'm totally all for changing if the kids alter the names.. That's what makes it all the more special!

Teresa, Brandon & Xander said...

wow. How is parenthood treating you two? I still can't get over you labor story...I tell everyone I meet about are amazing, I would have died, literally. Riley is SO handsome!!! Good luck guys!

Teresa, Brandon & Xander said...

sign me up. Will Noni be available in Utah in April??? hehehe, what a sweetie.