Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polls Opening Early

Get you excited? Well it may not be the Presidential elections, but you can practice voting here! Who does our little Riley take after more??
The Poll is located in the Right Bar --->





Ryan and Sarah said...

Hey Wilsons
How do you all know Carriefay? She is a good friend of mine. We went to College together!! I love the photos you got her to take. Wonderful, wonderful and oh, so precious! An onsen is a public bath house. Some are inside and some are outside, like a natural spring. Take Care guys and get some sleep!

mom said...

OK - in the first Riley picture I see John's eyes and expression, but in the sleeping Riley, I see Chey's hair, nose and brow! WOW, that strong chest and musculature is definitely John's!!! :) I think the eyes give the initial impression that he looks like John!

Snakeye said...

Eyes & up: Chey, below eyes on down: John

Krista said...

Sorry Cheygirl, He is beautiful like you, but at the moment, he's taking after dad!!! Love you! PS: We haven't talked since my voicemail... what, you don't like the housing alternatives :-)