Saturday, June 20, 2009

California Dreamin'

Does camping get any better than this????????? (at least for "car camping")
Oh but wait! We camped next to some very nice people who were part of the Orange County Wine club. Turns out there was a wine tasting where the judges only drank a very small portion of tons on wine which leaves too many opened, barely drank bottles of wine. So our friend who was a volunteer got to snatch up a whole bunch of bottles for his own personal enjoyment. Lucky for us he was a generous sharer. So one evening we sipped wine while enjoying the company of our new friends, all of whom were over the age of 65 so there wasn't a dull conversation with all of their life experiences and travels!

I was playing with my favorite toy- whatelse... the camera. I took a class on base a couple months ago so I have learned how to use the manual function and I enjoy practicing. Here are some shots where I was playing with the shutter speed and aperture.
I recently learned from Pioneer Woman how to get the beautiful "God fingers"... that's what I have always called them. You know- those sun shiney rays of light. It's so simple. Just keep a very small aperture (which means a larger number like 22 or so) and voila- God fingers!!!
Here are some where I kept the shutter open for a good 3 seconds or so to capture all the ambient lighting from the moon and the fire!

I just love this one.. But I kick myself because I could've gotten it even better if I would have remembered to FOCUS my subjects. Ahhhh... I'll just have to try again next time I'm on the beach at night with the gorgeous bright moon reflecting in the ocean, and willing subjects to play my game.

Straight out of Camera Shot!! Another one where I was practicing the God Finger's trick.

We had a great group come down to San Diego with us. Although there were only 4 of us running in the mud run (our whole purpose for the travels), we had 14 friends from our Life Group come with to enjoy the beach camping and sights. They ROCK! We even had custom shirts made for our big event from our friends, Emily and Tiffany!

And then, of course there is the beach bummin' we did with Riley! We introduced him to the sand and he was smitten.
Daddy tossed him around the way daddy's do.

His second meeting with the ocean! He's a water baby through and through but the Pacific is a tad cold for his liking. He was really excited at first when he saw the water, but after a dip or two he definitely wanted to keep his land legs.

Only babies can get away with such a public shower! Little mans lips were turning blue at this point so he didn't enjoy "bath time" as usual.
After our last camping with a baby experience, John and I agreed that we needed to have something to keep his head and hands warm at night. So I took some fleece pj's and sewed a drawstring hood on and mittens with some left over fuzzy fabric. It did the trick and he slept like a champ in the pack n play we set up in our tent!!! SUCCESS!!!


pam said...

I cant think of a more fortunate group to come across while camping. I guess there was no need to byob.

Mom said...

Ilove your night sky pics, they're awesome. You sure are having a great time with the new camera!