Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mud Runnin'

So playing catch up a little, two weeks ago we headed out to sunny San Diego for the World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run! John had wanted to do it for a long time and when January came and I was getting emails from my old high school friend, Christy about the mud run and how we had to buy in NOW if we wanted to run it, we jumped on for the ride! The race is so popular that it sells out within 48 hours of being released! And now I know why! It was MAD FUN!! Just look at this course map!
Hill climbs, mud pits, river crossings not to mention getting hosed down by the Marines using a fire hose! It definitely wasn't a boring 10k!

At the final stretch, we reach a big mud pit that we have to crawl, we're talkin' hands and knees crawl through.

After the race when I caught up with my fellow runner's, we all got to chuckle at the switch-a-roo that plagued Karl. You see, Karl can be the cutting up type at times. During the mud pit crawl, he saw Scott (Lucky) getting ahead of him so he swiftly and forcefully dunked Scott's head to full submersion in the muddy bath. When he came up for air, both Karl and his victim wore the look of confusion since Karl had mistaken a random stranger for his buddy Scott. In the picture series, you can see the laughter exchanged between Karl, Scott and the poor bystander once out of the muddy pit of doom.
The guys approaching the finish line!

Where's Waldo?? Or maybe it's not Waldo but instead it's Cheyenne...
Clean, Fresh, Unknowing...

DIRTY!!!!!!! And Done!
What a BLAST! Next year I hope we'll do it again!


Mom said...

Great pics!!! What's a 'bistandard'? Did you make up that word, or is it real??? Wow, look at that great SPLASH in the 'Where's Cheyenne' shot. Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

BrassWillow said...

You guys rock!!