Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long time no see!

June was a very busy month!!! But the flutter of activity brought visits from friends and family that I haven't seen in a while. First, we asked my mom to come sit with Riley while we embarked on our Grand Canyon adventure. With out hesitation, she was on her way up to Phoenix for the week so we got to spend some time together. She got one-on-one time with Riley once we left and she got a taste of having a baby all over again. I guess Trav and I were so enjoyable that she didn't even think twice about the task.
Then when we headed to San Diego for the Mud Run, my best friend's sister signed up for it too. Katey came out to visit for that weekend too, which I was super excited about. I saw them at the race and of course Christy barely made it there for race time (if you knew Christy, you'd expect nothing else). Although I would have loved to see them more, kids with their nap times and feedings turn into obstacles but I was thrilled to see them Sunday before we pulled chocks and headed out.
Then a few days after getting back home from San Diego, Trav (my brother) let me know he would be in Tuscon for a buddy's wedding. It was during the week so I packed up Riley and myself after John went to work and headed down for a day trip to Tuscon. It was Trav's first time meeting Riley so that was special!

The older I get, the more I realize that life isn't about the things we have or strive to get. In fact, quite the opposite. The important things in life are the relationships we form and the people we love. I am so grateful for my friends and family!


Mom said...

The pictures helped me to relive my great time with Riley. Katie and Kristy don't change much do they!! Is that cute little girl Kristy's? or Katie's? She sure is cute! The picture with Travis is a great shot too! Smiley Riley looked great in all!!!

Snakeye said...

You said it man - in the end, it's those you touch that matter the most!