Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Grand Adventure

So here's the deal.. I'm overwhelmed right now and am not motivated to post a blog. I have so much to say about our rafting trip in the Grand Canyon and I think that is the problem. So I am not going to say much and just post pictures.. Hopefully my captions will provide some understanding and entertainment.

Paddling along, enjoying the scenery

Uh oh... I've got a cling on

Wait a minute.. I was just minding my own business!
This was during our "Pirate" day. It was John's idea (surprised?) since it was a full day of leisurely floating. We made our alliances, then snuck up on an unsuspecting boat and ransacked the ship and threw everyone off! It only started on the duckies but quickly moved to the big rafts!Yet another "ducky" attack! A ducky, by the way is the inflatable kayak!
Once we found our camping spot for the evening, we'd sit in our circle and just chat about the transpired events, life, God, and the upcoming day's fun!

We got to do some bouldering (climbing without a rope- staying low so the fall wouldn't hurt) down there. In fact, this day was awesome since we bouldered over water and when we were done, we just jumped in! John's on the left, Carrisa in the middle and I'm on the right.
Showers were non-existent so I took advantage of a nice morning and "washed" my hair... The water was full of sediment so it really didn't do anything but it made me feel better.
The boys: barefoot in the kitchen!! haha

...while the girls lounged around making anklets out of grass.
We took little day hikes and found ourselves in some pretty cool places! This one was reminiscent of Arches National Park with the natural bridge.

There was a bed of limestone, which looks really slippery but surprisingly was not! I just love how it looks like its glowing in the picture.

What a view!
We were pretty high! Look at that tiny boat floating by down in the river!


Chey's Dad said...

Wow! Don't you feel 'humbled' while floating through a billion or so years of earth's history? (God did a pretty good job, no?)
Did it bring back memories of your other trips into/through the Canyon?

Mom said...

SO SPECTACULAR!!! Nice to be so close to nature, and origins, and .... God!! Surely that couldn't have been formed by chance!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love the pictures.