Saturday, August 21, 2010

3 months

My oh my, how time just flies. I can not believe that this precious little thing is already 3 months old!!   I think her blocked tear duct has finally cleared up!!  They say that 20% of infants have a blocked tear duct, but 100% of mine have and I'm just thrilled that the windows to her soul are now sparkly clean!   I love the infant stage of the helpless little lumps but right around this time is when it get's fun in my opinion! I love how she smiles just at making eye contact and how she has already adopted two fingers as her favorites- it's her ring and middle fingers that are found in sucking position most of the time.  I love how I never know which direction she'll be facing when I get her from her crib since she's such an active lil girl. She has just started rolling. Even though I've seen her do it more than once, I still think once she rolls, she's confused about her change in scenery... and how to get back. But my absolute favorite thing is watching her look at her brother so adoringly.  Riley doesn't have a clue what a sweet little tag along he'll have!

And how about the new blog stuff I'm doing!?  Okay, so the only one who probably notices is me and my mom because I call her and make her check it out.  But I spent the day working on my new blog banner up at the top.  I'm pretty proud of it because I tried my hand at it like a year ago and came up short so the fact that it actually worked this time either means I'm getting more Photoshop literate or the blogger website just made it idiot proof.  And also I just update my blog's editor and now pictures are much easier to upload and look how BIG you can have them!!!  Very nice!  It might be obnoxiously big, but like my brother with a 72" (exaggeration?) TV, it won't stop me!!  Mom- you'll have to switch over too...  or I'll just do it for you.



Betty Jo said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog is awesome and I'm signing up to follow. ♥

BrassWillow said...

Baby!! She is beautiful!

And I love the new header. I noticed it first thing.

You are so talented (at making pretty babies and great blogs).

Tasha said...

Love the new banner up top! You did a great job!

Monica said...

Love the new header and layout, and pictures of course. How'd you get your pictures to be so big?