Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix it Friday: I Heart Faces

So like the fun photo challenge every Monday, the folks over at also do a picture editing challenge on friday's. They give you a SOOC shot and you may edit it as you wish.

Here is the SOOC (straight out of camera) picture

Here's my CS3 only edit
And then I messed around in Lightroom

Gosh- I don't even know all that I did. Obviously I cropped the photo to get rid of random kid's shoulder on the right.

In Photoshop CS3:
  • I sharpened the eyes, hair and mouth
  • Softened his skin via inverting high pass which took away a little of the undereye color
  • ran Pioneer Woman's Boost action
  • Did some dodge/burn effect with the eyes to give them depth
Then I went to Lightroom (I've only got 1 day left on my free trial- booooo):
  • I ran the aged photo preset and tweaked that
  • boosted saturation in the lips a little
  • gave it a vignette (I ♥ the vignette feature in Lightroom- it's rad!)

And there you have it. I went a little more dramatic than I do for everyday, but why not. It was for editing practice and did I mention that my free trail for PS Lightroom is just about up??? I had to mess around in there one last time.

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