Friday, August 27, 2010

Editing Fun Day (ie: Fix it Friday)

While feeding baby girl, I had just enough time to fit a quick edit into a busy day.  I just got some actions loaded into my CS3 program so I was messing with those as well as a few techniques I picked up in the magazine I bought last week.

Maybe you know the drill by now..  Here is the SOOC shot.

Here's my fix.
  • I cropped and rotated just a tad cuz I felt like the girl was falling over.  
  • Then I ran the Sunshine Action from Pioneer Woman
  • Ran PW's Boost action too.  That created the feel that I wanted but now to tackle the boring sky.
  • I need to preface with I had no idea what I was doing and probably had no business with this effect since I didn't and still don't really understand it.  But I went to Filter>Render>Cloud Difference which put a bunch of dark splotchy patches all over the picture.  
  • I created a layers mask to leave the splotches only in the sky and then 
  • I did a gradient layer to give the splotches the color I wanted and 
  • Set blending mode to color.
  • Then I played with a kinda funky border by using new brushes I downloaded
  • And finished it off with a quick boost using Unsharp Mask (Amount- 20%, Pixels- 80) and brought down the opacity a touch.
Check out the other edits for this picture at Iheartfaces
Have a great weekend!



Judi W. said...

I looked at several other Iheartfaces entries none of the ones I looked at did anything much with the sky. I like what you did with the sky and I like her straightened up a lot better. I like what you did!!!

Maria Gridley said...

Im going through every edit posted.. just cause its my first time doing this, and after I posted mine, i was curious what everyone else did! :) I am close to the end, and I have to say Ive only commented on my fav edits. Your my 4th comment!

I did see several edits adding clouds to the sky, and straighten the girl up. But I like how subtle yours looks, very natural blending well with the rest of the photo.

I also love the decorative textured border you added. So pretty! Its also very subtle, which I like. it just adds a little bit of whimsy to the photo. Love it! Very creative.

Youre like in the 90's on the list, and I have seen so many edits that are so similar. Youres really popped out to me. Great job!

~Malia said...

This is great Cheyenne. I need to read that I heart faces page. Every time I open photoshop I feel like I'm yelling at it "I know you can do this, why won't you let me!"

judi w said...

The more I look at your makeover, the more feeling I see in the picture. Compared to the before, your editing has enhanced expression and depth of character of this young girl. I love it even more.