Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The BIG 2

Happy Birthday to my sweet and lovable (most of the time) little boy!!!

I was actually sick last weekend when we did the b-day party and I did NOTHING. I almost didn't even go. But a big thanks to my hubby for taking the brunt of the work and Tiff for making the delicious desert and Karl (I guess Malia too) for letting us use his house.

The other kiddos with the look of desire in their eyes, waiting patiently as Riley's eats his birthday cake.
This is what it resorted to. I guess the spoon and the hands just weren't getting the job done fast enough.
He has been dragging this thing with him EVERYWHERE!! Thanks Unky Bunch!

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Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RILEY!!! Wow.. 2 years old!! And what a great present... a wonderful fire truck!! And yummy chocolate cake and ice cream. Wish I could have been there!!