Monday, September 20, 2010

Ima BIG kid now

Just got Riley's Big Boy Bed!  It's the second night that he's slept in it and even though my paranoia causes me to sprint to his room with any peep that he makes, it's been a success.  Every time I check on him, he's in his bed. . I haven't heard any big thumps yet so he must not have fallen out yet.  Yay for big boy beds.  Now little sister can finally get out of the pack n play and have a crib of her own! 



Chey's Dad said...

Man, That's some bunk! Is that a secret hiding place at the end?
Will it accomodate Rile when he gets to be 6 foot tall?

Mom said...

Wow!!! I love it!! It looks awesome, and he looks proud that its HIS bed!!! I'll bet he LOVES sleeping in it!!!

Cheyenne and John said...

Yup- it's kinda a secret hiding place... although it is much needed since it's only been a few days and already loads of toys have found their way under the bed. This is hopefully the last bed we'll have to buy Riley (as long as the mover's aren't too rough on it) and it will fit him at 6ft. But if he's much taller, than we might have problems.

BrassWillow said...

Yay Buddy! He looks so proud of his bed.