Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Baby {M}

Just a few of my fav's from a shoot I did of a friend's baby.  Boy did this sweet little girl have some hair.  I might have hair envy...  seriously.  She even has frosted tips- lucky thing.  People pay big money for that.

Anyway, I'm feeling more and more comfortable shooting newborns and I think they can sense that.  Enough of my ramblings, and on to the beautiful baby!




Please, PLEASE don't leave AZ until my baby is born!! I really need you to do his or her's pictures!! These are amazing!! Great job!

Monica said...

Amazing photos, as usual Cheyenne. I wish I'd asked you to do Abbie's newborn photos when we were there.

Mom said...

The more I look, the more I love... every shot! I still have my very favorites, but the more I look, I love the one with the stringy blankie too. I wish I had played with photos more when you were a baby!!! :)

pam said...

Great shots! The baby's are agreeing with you more and I like the props.