Friday, August 29, 2008

The First Outing

I'm making good on my "phantom" entry.

Life has changed ALOT! John and I have grown accustomed to the freedoms of couple dome- recreating often, heading out whenever we feel like it... and having Riley sure has challenged that. I'm not saying it's bad... No! Not at all! Riley is so much fun and I feel so much purpose for my life each time I look at his little blue eyes. We hope to incorporate Riley into our lifestyle instead of molding our life completely around our new addition. So last Saturday, we were both eager to get out of the house! Most of the first week home was just that... at home. We watched an inordinate amount of telivision, and there were days where I did not ever step foot outside. So needless to say, we were really wanting to get out and do something.

We headed over to Cabella's (hunter's haven) and from there strolled over to West Gate, a nearby shopping/sports complex (in fact it's where the Superbowl was held earlier this year). We had meals coming all week from our Church family and that night, our good friend Notch brought us over sandwiches for dinner. So we packed up those sandwiches, threw in a few other snacks and had a little lawn picnic in a grassy area near a waterpad where tons of children at play froliced through the spouting water as parents observed from the dry outskirts. During all this fun, a live band was set up and playing harmonious melodies to be enjoyed by all! It was the perfect "first outing!"


Chey's Dad said...

It's good you're getting out; Riley should be quite the sophisticated outdoorsman and world traveler by the time he's 4 years old.
John - when are you going to get him his first BB gun?

JonandLo said...

I am glad you are getting out...sure it helps you a ton! You look great by the way. So happy for you guys!

Megan O. said...

Sounds like a great night out! So glad SOME of your church friends aren't flaking out on you like OTHERS with the meals! We really do want to make good on our flakiness when you guys are back in town. :)

rosalesupdates said...

Such a beautiful family! Wish i could be there to hold your bundle of joy!