Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Nope.. It's just our crazy, fun dog- Cana!

And since I am thinking that the days of oogling over my lil' puppy are limited, since we'll be busy oogling over the new addition, I figure I'll give some credit to Cana now. He's such a wonderful companion and is truly "man's (& woman's) best friend." He's never far through out the day and often he strategically inserts himself in the way in order to get the desired attention.

He loves (really LOVES) swimming and leads us to our neighbors house in hopes that we'll take him to the pool. He and Bailey (their Chocolate Lab) play well together, but when we throw the toys in the water, Cana's always been the one to jump right in and swim to the toy, while Bailey runs the perimeter of the pool and jumps on the toy from a closer point. Bailey's tactic has always won out, which I don't think bothered Cana at all since he'd prefer to be in the water. Anyhow, he just figured out how he can finally get the toy before Bailey. His only shot is to fly through the air and catch it mid-air before it lands in the pool. So here's the goof ball and his acrobatic stunts!

Then there is the other trick we've worked with him on. After a couple of accidental full submersions, we figured we'd see if we could train him to voluntarily dive.. Here is our progress!


Snakeye said...

Nice... definitely a little more adventurous than our "big gays"...

Jenny Brooks said...

It's funny you mention your limited time with Cana. I would have to advise to "love" on your dog as much as possible, be/c when Riley arrives you are not going to have patience, time, or energy for the dog. I am going thru a loving my dog stage, and hope it continues when numero dos comes along. But when Ben was born, I swore I was going to get rid of her. It took readind "marley and me" to realize that it is a common thing that happens to new moms. I have a friend now who has a 6 wk old, and she is on the verge of getting rid of her two "babies" - her two cats. How are you feeling?

Chey's Dad said...

Once again, a lot of your experiences in Phoenix are highly reminiscent of when we lived there. I n this case, Domino – our Dalmatian – loved the water, and would go underwater (at least in the shallow end) to retrieve his ball. He didn’t have the exuberance of Cana when it came to leaping into the pool, however.
We would come home from work on a blistering hot day to find him in the pool, lying on the first step with his chin resting on the edge.

Mom said...

I'm visitor #999... the next hit will be an even 1000!!!! It seems like a milestone. I came to borrow the picture of your planes for Riley's room.