Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our boy's a super model...

At least you would think so with how many pictures I've been snapping of him. This is only a sampling of the many shots but for fear of redundancy and your interest diminishing, I'll keep a limit on them. Even though his daily activities consist of sleeping, crying, a little looking around and lots of feeding (which you will NOT see any pictures of!), I still manage to snap off a bunch for your viewing pleasure!! Anyway- we're gearing up for our first day in the outside world... Wish us luck and enjoy the pics!

The first Family Photo
Father and Son
Naked Baby!
in the Peanut Shell- grabbin' onto my shirt strings (and heart strings for that matter)

introduction to Cana (he was crying before the licks.. Cana was just trying to cheer him up)
Doing what he does best- Sleep

Grandma Winslow checking out her grandson
The adoring Grandma's
Homecoming Welcome Committee


Ryan & Deb said...

sounds like feedings are going well...i wish you continued success!! you look absolutely gorgeous! you wouldn't even know you JUST had a baby and he's actually home with you being a "newborn" haha

Riley is a very very handsome little man, good job guys!!!

Lord Family said...

He's so cute, guys. Did you ever think you would love him as much as you do? Glad feeding is going well. Keep taking and posting pictures!

Ryan and Sarah said...

You guys are amazing, what a story and what a handsome looking liitle boy. Congrats!!

Veronica said...

AWWWWWWWW...he's precious. I love the pic with Cana..we'll go through the same thing with Clark I'm sure..he's gonna be so jealous. He'll always be our first :)

JonandLo said...

So excited for you. He is precious! I still cannot believe your story...I tell everyone. How crazy. I definately would not have been so calm and neither would my husband. I think he might have passed out cold on the ground!

Krista said...

A great looking kid with a great looking set of parents... what else is new??!! Those are great new pics, Cheygirl! I love the pet/son bonding pic :-)