Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To all my Peeps!

I love that you are all excited and interested in the arrival of our little Riley. John and I have the same excitement while we’re waiting for him to make his appearance. Since due dates’ are estimates at best, we are not focused on a specific date for his birth, though the 8/8/08 date would have been pretty cool. My focus right now is on providing the optimal environment for Riley until God determines that today is the day. I promise to keep you posted on the blog and once he is born, you can expect a slew of pictures. For right now, I need your patience and understanding more than concerns and questions. Please know that you’re on my “A” list and I will keep you posted during this time that can be rather overwhelming. With Love and Appreciation, John and Cheyenne


Lord Family said...

We're thinking about you! Can't wait for the good news.

Sara Shaffer said...

I must've walked three miles before Marik was born! Hang in there; he'll come when he's good and ready!
God bless!
Sara (Knox) Shaffer

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for you guys to have a quick delivery. Maybe all this waiting just means he'll want to get out faster! I love you.