Saturday, August 23, 2008

Say Uncle!

Most of you have kind of figured this out, but to make it official via blog I want to welcome our new perfect and handsome nephew- Baby Brenden! I have to chuckle since I became a Mom and an Aunt all with in a day- that's right... My brother, Trav and his wife Pam gave birth to their bouncing baby boy THE DAY AFTER us! Wow- imagine how much fun the boys are going to have at family gatherings.. I envision best of buddies growing up! Anyway, if you haven't already, check out baby Brenden on their site and admire the awesome Anne Getty-esque photography of their new son!!!

It's been actually quite busy with the crazy feeding schedule- this kid really eats!!! And I haven't had much time to update... So please forgive my late updates but between feedings and naps and other house stuff, we'll get 'er done!


Snakeye said...

Ah yes, the sleeping... yeah, Pam and I've been getting 2hrs of sleep here and there. We're quickly figured out that powernaps (when the kid naps) are the best bet!

Chey's Dad said...

It seems to me like Riley and Brenden could be considered Twin Cousins.