Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Riley's 6 weeks old!!

Well I'm just over 6 weeks old now! Man- the last 6 weeks have flown by! I have grown from the 9 lbs 4 oz since I was born to now a whopping 13 lbs!!! What can I say- I'm a hoss! I can add responsive smiling, cooing and grabbing on to my impressive resume. Although I try to be an equal opportunity grabber, my favorite thing to grab is of course Mommy's hair. I even occasionally find that darn hand of mine long enough to try sucking on it... It's most successful when I just suck on the fingers or thumb, but it's hard work singling those guys out and most of the time I'm satisfied with the whole fist. I've been rockin' the tummy time and the reps I've been putting in have been paying off! I can hold up my big noggin pretty well now and am head banging much less. Mommy's bags under her eyes are getting smaller.... I'm trying to help out by giving her some beauty rest at night. I can stretch the night time sleep up to 7 hours, but I don't want to spoil her so I usually keep it to around 5 or 6 hours. Days can be a different story... Lately I've had lots of toots which makes me cry since I'm trying to keep them in. Mom says that now is the one time in life where it's absolutely acceptable and even encouraged to let them out- but I don't know.. Maybe I'm just embarrassed to pass gas so I continue to cause myself discomfort to gain social acceptance. So that's me in a nutshell.. Now check out how cute I'm continually getting!! :)

Daddy's trying to calm me down.
I love giving smiles- especially in the morning and while my diaper is being changed

Hmm.. I'm not sure about that black thing Mommy keeps putting in my face. (camera)
Maybe it's okay after all. I'll just give a teaser smile.Daddy is so captivating!!


Lord Family said...

Riley - Okay, so I need to change my vote. You totally look like your dad in these new pictures. You are quite adorable, little man. Congrats on all the fun milestones.

Mom said...

So, what is the black thing Mommy puts in Riley's face???? I somehow think it's something obvious, but nothing clicks! That last picture looks like 13 pounds, and looks so big from when I was there and saw him as a newborn! He's really coming along very nicely!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photos - the ones Carrie Fay did look AMAZING. I especially love the shots of the three of you where you're looking out the window, and the one of John holding Riley on his right arm. My bro-in-law did that with Ainsley, my niece, when she was a newborn. I'd be scared to drop her!! :)

Snakeye said...

Hey dude,
I just wanted to say the current volley of pics in this post really show off the "cuteness" (yuck - guys shouldn't say that word) and personality. I especially like the "twin" pics with the worried look followed by the smile!

Ryan & Deb said...

what a handsome little man!! i LOVE the pics!!! he's certainly growing quickly!!! they tend to do that!

i hope you're all feeling well!

The Carvells said...

Great pictures (I love the slideshow you have on the side - those are great!!). Ben is wearing the same onesie (Daddy's little wingman) - how embarrassing:-)