Thursday, December 4, 2008

4th Generation- Plus more!

Wow am I exhausted!!! We spent the last 9 days traveling from Phoenix to Pittsburgh, through Ohio to Illinois, back to Pittsburgh and then finally home again! The end result was a wonderful, though over-stuffed trip packed full of visits! Riley got to meet his 2 Great Grandma's- which was the main purpose for the trip!!! Four generations all together, visiting can be quite exciting!

4 Generations!!! Chey's side
4 Generations- John's sideBy the looks of it, my grandma and his grandma got into a fist fight and gave each other matching shiners.. Coincidentally, they both had a fall right before we came which left them a little bruised. Luckily they are both fine with no major damage, just what you see in the picture!

Grandma Wilson lovin on Riley
Chey's Uncle, Grandma, Mom, and Aunt (and of course the babies!)

I think the men on the trip couldn't argue that it was exciting (with a little too much fun in the garage and playing on heavy machinery)!

Stay tuned... I have a lot of catching up to do in the world of blogging!


BrassWillow said...

How neat! To have 4 generations all together!

Mom said...

That last picture looks a little scary!!! Bad week for great-grandmas! What's the liklihood that they both fell the same week and sustained such similar injuries! Sure glad you made the trip!