Saturday, December 13, 2008

Progress Report

Riley is almost 4 months and he is getting to be quite fun! He just started rolling over.. Actually his first time (that I know of) was when we were in Illinois at Uncle Tim's house. I didn't see it, but I left him on his back and came back into the room and he was on his belly! There were a couple more times that I missed the actual roll, but finally caught it with my own eyes once we got back home last week!


Onto more breaking news...
I got Riley a jumparoo and he loves it! The first day or so he wasn't too sure. He seemed to like it when I was there to encourage him, but once I walked away he would get quite upset about being stuck in that thing. He's definitely getting more enjoyment and more air from the bouncy seat!


And one final video... Riley is teething - i can feel it and I swear I saw it weeks ago peeking through, but now I don't see the tooth anymore, but he is showing all the classic signs... Lots of drool, sleepless nights, chewing on anything he can get his little hands on...

This poor Giraffe didn't stand a chance!


Mom said...

WOWSER Chey!!! Those are great little videos! I LOVE them!!! And I LOVE that little RILEY!!!

sbregand said...

Riley is adorable. It is funny with the tooth thing, Matthew at about 4 months had 2 little white spots on his gums that I swore were teeth they were there for 2 weeks and then were gone he did not get a tooth until 9months. I had never heard of anyone else having that happen so I am glad to hear Riley had a similar thing. Riley looks as big as Matthew. Matthew is now 11 months and 16lbs. Dave says hi to you guys he is in the desert and should be home in about a month.

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

oh my heck! he is getting so big, you nenver seem to remember how fast they grow up! And he is one handsome fellow!

Pam said...

Isn't it so funny how EVERYTHING goes in the mouth! I can't imagine those toys tasting too good.
I was thinking about getting a jumperoo but now seeing how much Riley loves it, I think Brenden has to get one too!