Friday, December 5, 2008


While visiting Great Grandma's, it actually worked out perfect to combine our drive out to Illinois with Pam's desire to bring Brenden to see Great Grandma (on the Winslow side). So we met up and did the voyage together. It was the first chance to get the boys together- Brenden and Riley that is! Though the meeting was more for our pleasure than theirs right now (I don't even know if they noticed each other much), but it sure makes me excited for when they are older and they can pal around together!!! The trip was as good as it could have been (for driving 16+ hours in 2 days with two 3 month old babies) and though I mentally prepared for the worst- screaming the whole way- it was quite the opposite. Two sleeping babies for most of the trip with an occasional awakening accompanied with smiles and coos!

Brenden and Riley

Brenden being a total trooper during the long car rideThis video is just the boys.. they aren't doing anything special- but they are so stinkin cute that I wanted to post it anyway!


Psm said...

I should send you the video of John scaring the bejeezers out of Brenden to post instead. Classic!
On a somewhat related note, don't forget the vacuum trick. I just used it on a very over-tired Travis-baby and it knocked him out cold (no, not literally knocking him over the head with the vacuum either...)

Pam said...

Also, looks like Brenden swallowed a basketball in that first picture. Better him than me!

Mom said...

What totally cute boys!!! I could just eat them up!!!! : )