Monday, December 8, 2008

Many Reunions

On the trip to PA, OH, and IL I was able to catch up with many friends. (Before I get too far into this post, here is my disclaimer...)
That being said, there were also many that I wasn't able to see.. 9 days goes by fast when you're trying to pack it as full as possible!
So if you're one of my dear friends from Ohio and you're wondering why you didn't get a surprise visit, please understand that you were in my thoughts and it killed me to be soooooo close and not stop, but next time expect a visit!
We worked in my 10 year High School Reunion (Nordonia High School- I actually graduated from Marysville, but spent most of my childhood with the Nordonia crew) which was the day after Thanksgiving. With my best friend, Katey, we planned to meet up and attend together! As we arrived, there were many familiar faces but of course it took a little social lubercant to initiate interaction. Yes- I'm talking drinks.. It's funny how a room full of people who know eachother can be an extremely awkward place until a few drinks are had, then everyone is best of friends!! Anyway, here are some "Then" and "Now" pictures.

My Maid of Honor, Katey and I
circa 2005

Katey and I (Rip in the middle) in Hawaii for her wedding
Circa 2002
High School Cross Country Team
circa 1995
High School Biology Class- Lauren in front right
circa 1996
Katey, Me, Lauren
circa 2008

Katey and Me!
circa 2008
Beyond the HS Reunion, I had a couple of personal reunions of my own with a couple college friends/roomates.
Krista was the first person I met when I was moving into the dorms at college. I remember my mom was there to help me move in and it was an exciting and scary time. I wondered if I'd make any friends since everyone on the floor just seemed intimidating to me. Then in walked Krista and introduced herself. I remember feeling at ease because she was so warm and sweet and I could see myself in a lasting friendship with her and then the college experience seemed manageable! She lived right across the hall from me and we both had roomates who, soon after classes began, decided to go elsewhere. So Krista and I kept our own rooms but considered eachother roomates since we'd always be together in one room or the other.

Krista, Alison (her original roomate), Me, and Brenda (my original roomate)
circa 1998
Krista, Pam, Me, Katey, Marybeth and Erin (from left to right)
circa 2005

Krista and I
circa 2008
Krista and Riley
circa 2008
Karly and I met because we were both in the Athletic Training program and we became friends and decided to be roommates our last year in college. She is one of the most considerate people I know and she'd always go out of her way to let others know she was thinking about them. If someone was down, she'd be the first to take them out and get their mind off of what was bringing them down. I recall many study dates with Karly and I'm pretty sure I would not have done near as well as I did in college with out her!! She was a dance minor and I learned some mad moves from her as well!

Heather, Me and Karly
circa 2002

Heather, Karly and Me
circa 2002

Karly, Riley and Me
circa 2008

John was a total trooper as I galavanted around with my old friends. He kept himself occupied playing with kids, or making fun of cable TV, or just being an incredible husband and helping me out where I needed it!!

John reading to adorable Avery and Riley


Mom said...

It took the computer several minutes to download all your pics, but they were well worth waiting for!! Too bad your Marysville friends didn't have a reunion within your 9 days so you could catch them on your big trip east!! It would have been difficult to fit any more in though, huh?

Jamie said...

Aw, what a sweet post! It's fun looking at your pictures through the ages. :)

Krista said...

It was great to see you!! Tell John to keep practicing that upside-down reading thing... it'll come!!!