Friday, October 1, 2010

Fix it Friday: Couldn't resist

As if I haven't been busy enough with editing lately, I couldn't resist this adorable little girl that Keli Hoskins captured.

Here's the original shot.
I just found a bunch of free actions at My Four Hens so to keep things quick this morning, I did a few quick edits (curves to brighten and a little hue correction) then let the actions do the work for me.  I can't remember which is which by I'll try my best.

I think this is Melancholy
 This one was Little Bee action.
 This is back to school blues
 This one is Cream Cheese

So which look do you like?



Susan/Project Balancing Act said...

Loving the first one! With the second one, well, a close second!

Susan/Project Balancing Act

Amy Henderson said...

Beautiful edits!

DreamaReneePhotography said...

I love the school blues! Cute edits!

keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

all of these edits are so gorgeous!!! thank you for working on my photo of my daughter today! :)