Friday, October 22, 2010

Lens Lovin'

Oh my, how I DOOOO LOVE photography!!  I'm shooting a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks so I've been on a buying spree with camera stuff the last couple of months.  I started out buying a really good zoom lens (70-200mm f/4) in order to get the great close in and intimate shots of their vows without being all up in their chili.  Then I bought abunch of little things:  extra memory cards, a flash diffuser, reflectors.  But I just splurged with the remainder of my Flybagz money and bought yet another lens.  I got a pretty decent wide angle lens (Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8) which came in the mail today.  I am in love!  It is just what I wanted.  I can be pretty close to something and get the entire scene, instead of having to back up to kingdom come.  It was fun playing with it today before nap time with my two favorite and trusty subjects.  The nature of a wide angle lens gives a little distortion as it captures the scene, which I actually like the look of.  It makes my 2 year old toddler look larger than life!  And I can be within reaching distance and still get their whole bodies!

Example: I was about a foot away from Riley here.

 I was probably 6 inches away from Scarlett's face.

Can't wait to try it out at the wedding!!



pam said...

Cute pics! Is that Edward I see in the sand? Brenden has been obsessed with choos-choos in the dirt... so much he's been bringing the dirt inside. Oh well, boys will be boys.

Mom said...

That's amazing... I always used our wide angle on landscapes or taking pictures of rooms, but I don't think I used it with people. I can hardly wait to see your wedding shots!!! I love the look of concentration playing with Edward in the sand... look at those eyebrows!! Good think you have such willing and available subjects at hsnd!!

Mom said...

I should have reread for typos!!! :) Have you ever seen that e-mail with every word scrambled but keeping the correct first and last letter... you can easily read it in spite of the mixed up letters!