Monday, October 13, 2008

Festivities Weekend

As another B-course graduation came and went, where brand new fighter pilots enter the fighter community and see what the Air Force is all about, our life here at Luke AFB was a flurry of activity! John and I (and Riley too) made an appearance at the last student party before graduation- themed a Toga party. I got a little creative and made Riley his own lil Toga to wear and put his Jesus sandals on.. What a trooper! Sure, in this picture he doesn't look happy but once we got to the party he calmed right down and slept through it. Must have been the rhythmic bass sounds and vibrations that did it.

Plenty of festivities were held on the day of the graduation.. Breakfast at the Squadron, Spouse Taxi Rides, Simulator flights, and the whole Petting Zoo experience for all the proud families that came to town. I took advantage of the events and was able to get a taxi ride in an F16- manned by none other than my darling husband!! The spin up was so much fun, as me and 4 other women were carted around to different briefs and fittings, ensuring that we were dressed and prepared for the ride (ie: that we wouldn't accidentally push the "Eject" button). We even got to do the "com" (communications) between our "flight" as well as to the tower! That darling husband of mine even let me steer the jet while we were doing the slow speed taxiing to get to the runway. The high speed taxi only lasted maybe 5 seconds, as we lunged forward, accelerating rapidly after John hit the afterburners. Just as we were starting to really cook, it was time for the brakes and the ride was over. What a tease!!! What an amazing opportunity though. Sure makes me jealous of all those celebrities that get the real rides- raging around in the sky! That may be the only thing I can think of that actually makes me wish for fame.

Then it was off to the airport to drop Grandma off and back home to get all dolled up for the graduation ceremony. Riley came with (we pretty much drag him everywhere with us), which made the simplicity of enjoying the ceremony and dinner a thing of the past since it's little more complicated when you've got to worry about the baby's feeding time, trying to get him down for a nap in the car seat that makes him irritable when we're not moving in the car and just socializing with my adorable little leach. I missed a good part of the ceremony (and missed my hunny getting an award from the students), as I sat in the ladies room feeding the boy then walking around outside the hall waiting for a good time to rejoin. We did the after party at a local bar until it was Riley's bed time. Wheeeew!
So best of luck goes out to the graduating class as they prepare to head off to their first operational squadron!


Teresa, Brandon & Xander said...

Cheyenne! You are freaking gorgeous!! You had a baby?? I would never believe it! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! We never got the chance to have you guys over for dinner...if you ever are in Utah again, Let me know!

BrassWillow said...

Wow! I didn't know you got to taxi! You look like a pro sitting in the jet.

Mom said...

What a busy weekend that was!!! And pretty exciting too! I'll bet you enjoyed the POWER of take-off, even though you didn't leave the ground!!

Matt and Tracy Brockhaus said...

Wow, that's a really beautiful house in the toga picture!! They must have a knack for decorating!! Love the pics! The taxi ride is a tease. My feelings exactly!! Take care!