Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Fav's

You may have noticed the amazing pictures in the Left bar by Carrie Fay. Well I got the whole slew of them today to browse through and they are ALL amazing!! I was referred to Carrie Fay by a friend of mine who works with her at a local church. She doesn't have formal training in photography but you'd never be able to tell by her knack of picture taking! Carrie Fay came to our house and was the sweetest, most pleasant person and has turned this hobby of hers into a fund raiser to enable her and her husband to adopt a child. She took a couple hours out of her Saturday morning to spend with us accruing a number of photos of our new expanded family. We are so thankful and appreciative of her time and energy working with us! Here are my favs... (It is near impossible to narrow them down but I did my best!) Thanks to both Christine and Carrie Fay!!!









Lord Family said...

They're all so beautiful. It's hard to narrow down, but I think my favorites are Pouty, Tiny and Lucky. You're so lucky to have such great photos of your family when Riley is young.

Teresa, Brandon & Xander said...

wow. Riley is such a beautiful baby. Those pictures have a nice 'intimate' feeling about them, i love it!

Chey's Dad said...

Sheesh! Between your GREAT pictures, and Trav's post about "I finally get it" [Unspoken Truths, Sept 2, 08], I'm turning into a misty eyed, blubbery granddad… what a feeling!
My favorite is “Weary”. Riley looks like he’s listening to mom and dad tell him about what it’s like to grow up; and he’s bored… (kinda like you guys were when mom and I tried to tell you how to walk ‘the straight line’ )

Mom said...

I'll bet that everyone that weighs in will have different favorites. They are ALL good! A few of MY personal favorites are Lovey (I love his expression and almost a smug smile), Earthy (reminds me of Moses in the basket and he's so perfect), Tiny (I love the black background), Healthy (that great adoring Mom look), and Mushy with all the nubbly fingers along the whole length of his spine! Of course I love them ALL!!! Great pix!!!

Mom also said...

OH, and I like Happy a lot too. Great picture!!! : )

Pam said...

They're all really awesome but I still like the family one with you looking to the side the best. Tell her she's got an amazing eye and maybe we'll hit her up for some prof. shots when (or if) we ever make it to Phoenix!

Jenny Brooks said...

beautiful pictures! what a keepsake they will be. I was thinking you should have named the "earthy" shot - Moses! Looks like he's ready to get sent down the river. :) I especially like the "lovey" and "lucky" shots.

BrassWillow said...

They all turned out so beautifully!

Megan O. said...

What GREAT photos! It helps that she had such a beautiful family to work with!!

Matt and Tracy Brockhaus said...

Those pictures are stunning!! I love the basket one, the close-up by the rocks. She is quite talented. I may have to get her info from you for our holiday cards! Riley looks so precious and you and John look so peaceful with him. It looks like it comes so natural for you both. Take care!!

JonandLo said...

Gorgeous mom, handsome dad, and beautiful guys should be so proud! I love the pics =)

Krista said...

Let's see... I like Comfy, Lazy, Weary and Lovey the best... but that's like choosing the best answer out of four right answers!

Anonymous said...

I loved Earthy and Lucky!!! Brawny is great too - my bro-in-law did that with my niece when she was born. :)