Monday, October 27, 2008


Crud- if you didn't know- is a huge deal out here at Luke AFB. Quick explanation for those unfamiliar... It's a game developed by the Canadian Fighter pilots back in war time played around a billiards table (or snooker table). The cue ball is the only one you're allowed to touch and then you try to hit the object ball with the cue ball to either hit it into a pocket or hit it light enough that the object ball stops on the opponents turn.. I'm not going to go into details because there are A WHOLE BUNCH of rules.. If you want to know more, click here.

Anyway, although it's a fighter pilot thing, the wives put on tournaments twice a year to see which squadron wins bragging rights. Friday night was the night. We put our warrior paint on. And... We came in second place out of 9 teams. Not to shabby- of course I am totally competitive so I wanted first, but it was a success none-the-less. Our squadron had enough girls to have two teams- which boils down to more play time for everyone! Both of our teams held their own and did quite well! I even overheard someone talking about our second team claiming that "they MUST be the 'A' team" since they were getting their butts kicked by our girls!! Not bad considering the majority of our players were brand new to the game and we only had a months worth of practices!
Here's our two teams- missing two girls :(The Championship game was intense and we were playing a team we barely lost to previously so it was our chance to retaliate. Our success was of course the whole team but Suz stepped up and single-handedly carried the team! The retaliation efforts didn't happen, but some drama surely reared it's ugly head and showed up right in the middle of our game. I was the victim of some HORRIFIC referee calls... Seriously- my feet were absolutely cemented to the floor and I lost a life, not for a moving block because he knew I wasn't moving my feet, but because the girl couldn't get around me... How is that my fault??? Anyway, I lost 2 lives for that! I need to change the subject now since I'm getting worked up just thinking about it. So then an argument broke out, as it often does in Crud.. The guys teach us to just start yelling stuff and hopefully the ref may get confused and call in our favor. There was yelling and a cluster of grown women, and next thing you know my friend, Terri is on the ground screaming! It's ok- she got a massive charlie horse/leg cramp. But it sure didn't help with the already tense game. Hopefully a good time was had by all and the grudges can be kept to a minimum. It's just Crud... That's what I cash it up to and to be honest, I don't get offended if someone knocks me to the ground- good on 'em! I think all the girls will be returning for the next tourney so wish us better luck next time- in March!
Riley also got to experience his first Crud Tournament! He, along with some of his "friends" came sporting his Squadron Onsie, complete with his "call sign" on the back.

My friend, Carrie took great care of Riley while Mommy was busy kickin' butt! She stayed for a while, made sure he got fed, calmed him down for bed time and then handed the job over to John when she and her baby boy went home!Thanks to all who came out and played and all the supporters! It was fun!


Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

wow, people like Carrie are PRICELESS! And she even knew to give Riley to John after all was said and done! you guys always look like you are having so much fun!

Chey's Dad said...

WhoooWaaaa! That's my girl!
Not bad for a team with some first-timers. Any beginner's luck in play? beer slinging? ref getting punched out?

This event sounds like fun! Wish I could have been there.

Matt and Tracy Brockhaus said...

Hey Chey, I'm sorry you guys had to lose to such an awesome team as ours!! I really don't own rights to bragging because I'm such a wimp, I won't even try crud! You're awesome though! Our girls practiced A LOT!!! So who knows, if you get more time in for practice, maybe next year you'll smoke 'em out! I'd be happy for you, just because you're my friend!! :)

The Carvells said...

Cheyenne, you always were my crud hero!

Chey's Dad said...


There, wasn't that just as good as a birthday card?