Friday, October 24, 2008

Monkey-ing Around

Life has finally normalized after the wonderful visits.. I'd like to say the visits were for John and I but I know the truth. Riley was the real "visit-ee." We'll take what we can get!

One of my college roommates, Kelly came out with her husband, Kevin to hang out and catch up! The boys got along famously while Kel and I reminisced about the good ol' college days! She got to meet Riley and I got some big news from her- totally exciting! We stayed busy while they visited with a hike up the White Tank Mountains, quail hunting, hung out at West Gate, and a trip to the mini-zoo that's 6 minutes from my house (maybe that's what is responsible for the smell of dung in the evenings). How cute is this baby monkey? I think I have a thing for monkeys especially since my husband is one... At least he does a darn good impression. Time went way to quick and before I knew it, it was time to drop them off at the airport.


Krista said...

How fun!! Exciting news for Kelly, eh? What could THAT possibly mean?? I think I can guess... Looks like a fun trip to the zoo. Monkeys are the best :-)

Chey's Dad said...

Did you take Riley to the zoo in his little monkey suit? "See, Riley, this is what you're supposed to be"
John - I'm surprised that one of those chimps wasn't in that picture with you giving you a big chimpanzee smooch.
Also, speaking of quail hunting, I was out in the field yesterday, and the quail and doves were a-plenty! I might have to take the shotgun out today or tomorrrow.