Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7 Months!

7 months ago today was the day that turned my world upside-down! And it's true what I've heard that you forget the pain. I guess it's God's way of enriching our lives with siblings.. because if us women remembered how painful it was, I'm pretty sure there would be single child homes because no body in their right mind would have a second child. All I can think of now is how much I love my little guy, how much fun he is, how much he makes John and I laugh.

The last month has been excruciating for me as each day I've expected him to start crawling.. and each day ends with him still pulling the same tricks. I know what you're going to say... "Cheyenne, don't be too excited about the introduction of mobility.. Be happy you can put him down and leave him." Ya ya.. I've heard it. But that doesn't make me any less excited about him reaching that milestone. I think he gets frustrated now that he can't move like he wants to. I put him down, he scoots backwards- thus leaving his toys just out of reach and then he complains that he has nothing to play with. Oh ya, he's also developing separation anxiety, so if I leave his sight he gets upset. I've never felt so needed! It's kind of flattering. Sometimes even daddy can't calm the savage beast, but once he's handed over to me, he rests his head on my shoulder and settles right down.

He's becoming quite efficient with eating solids. He doesn't even get much on his bibs anymore (unless daddy is feeding him- j/k.. kinda) I've been giving him puffs to keep him busy while I prepare his meal and it's fun to watch his hand eye coordination develop.

Let's see how many I can get in one hand...

Is there something on my face??
Open wide!
Let's see.. what else? After seeing a cute video on how much Riley's cousin, Brenden was enjoying the little learning table, I broke down and got one ($15 on Craigs list!!). He isn't pulling himself up but he does seem pretty entertained with all the music and buttons- even if he is hitting the buttons accidentally as he clings to the table so not to fall down. He looks like he's having fun... right?
These months are definitely action packed as each day he seems to be doing something new. Oh ya.. he's got 4 TEETH! He's bit me once or twice but I try to be over dramatic so maybe it scares him a little and he understands that it hurts and not to do it again! So twice in over a month of having teeth isn't bad.

That's all for now. I'll of course be posting when he finally does make the forward progression with his crawling. Till then, peace!


Pam said...

Brenden falls straight back when he stands at the table for too long. What I'll do (so he doesn't get too frustrated) is take off two of the legs so it's propped up. Brenden sits in front of it and goes to town.
Don't you just love the rainbow of colors that come out when you introduce new solids? The most disconcerting must be gray poop for fruit. Just doesn't seem right...

Anonymous said...

I changed Ainsley's diaper a few weeks ago after she'd had carrots and squash. WHOA... never seen red poo before!! Never smelled it, either... It also took Ainsley a pretty long time to crawl too. If he's scooting backwards, I'm sure crawling forward is just around the corner. :)

Mom said...

Scooting backwards is developmentally easier than going forward. It's a process! And it's good for him to experience that backwards thing first. I LOVE that gleeful look of absolute pleasure and discovery on his face with his new play station. I like Mr. Food-on-your-face too. Have you ever put a coin on someone's forehead and had them 'bonk' their heads to dislodge it, only to NOT leave it on the forehead of the 3rd person, and they 'bonk' thier head repeatedly and it won't come off. Everybody is always laughing so hard at them slapping themselves silly when there's nothing there to knock off!!!! :)