Friday, March 20, 2009

Words to Action

Those of you who have been following along in this saga I call "life" ... you may have wondered when the big bash that I keep talking about (in celebration of finishing Project Oasis- the backyard project) would happen. Well, my friends. We had the bash... And I think one is all I can handle!

John invited the students over for a poker night... You see, he bartered with one of the super talented students who makes BEAUTIFUL poker tables which we are now the proud owners of, in exchange for a fabulous handmade flightsuit bag (Flybagz) for his wife.

So not only was he itchin' to have people over to utilize the barbecue island and fire pit in the back, but also to break in the new table! John extended the invitation to the other Instructor Pilots (IP's) from the squadron as well as, of course letting our neighbor, Wild Bill and old friend Split in on it! The turn out was.... well.. great! We had a good crowd which lead to a smooth evening. A little too smooth.. which led to a rough night for me and an even rougher next day. Oy. That was dumb.

Let me let you in on a tip: DON'T... I repeat, DO NOT, although it sounds so inviting and tempting, get into a hot tub when you have had a few too many drinks. Just drink some water and go to bed.

"It was the craziest game of Poker that I ever saw" -OAR

Knock 'em dead, kid!Enjoying the warm glow of the fire

More fire side mingling... I knew I needed a tripod but it just gets a bit weird when the shadow lurker takes the time to set up a tripod and I didn't want to scare the "subjects" away, so blurry photos it is.

"Honey, I'm all in!"


Chey's Dad said...

That is a really nice looking game table!

The only good thing about a hangover is that it reminds you why you don't want to have another one.
I wish I could have been there.

BTW, a Hot Tub? I didn't know you had a hot tub.

Cheyenne and John said...

Wild Bill has a hot tub.. practically ours- they live 2 doors down and they gave us the key!

Jamie Massey said...

Thanks for the pics- "shadow lurker!" I didn't know you were even taking them!

And no, I won't tell everyone on here why you offered up the advice on staying out of the hottub when you are drunk... or that you forgot that I was in the hot tub with you!