Thursday, March 26, 2009

I ♥ Air Shows

When I was little, my dad would drag my brother and I to the Cleveland Airshow every year. He worked the C-130 Hercules static display all day so Travis and I would wander around all day long, checking out other air plane displays, rides, vendors and of course finding a spot in the shade to watch the Thunderbirds! I remember one year being miserably rainy but that didn't stop the fun! We just had to get more creative with shelter but because of the gloom, it just meant more free romping room for us!
I still love when it's time for the air show! I love the excitement. I love the smell in the air. I love the crowds that come out to see what's happening. It brings a tear to my eye watching the little kids boiling over with excitement, run up to the pilots (ie: my husband) to have a word with them and get a picture. It reminds me of my brother back in the day. And now he, too is among the F16 pilot community!

Well, I've got a busy couple hours ahead of me. I'm packing Riley and my camping stuff for a 3 night camping adventure to Joshua Tree, CA! So I'm slapping some pictures up and calling it quits!

The obligatory Riley pic
Riley's buddy, Duncan
Ahhh- the Thunderbirds...
I had a childhood crush on the Thunderbirds, and it's still kinda there.. even though I know a few and I think my hubby is more handsome and talented (*wink)
The F22 is SICK!

Gorgeous Budweiser Clydesdale's!
Our own personal Air Show- they day before the gates opened.


Krista said...

That sounds awesome! I particularly like the picture where Riley has what looks like a bag over his head... Really, you couldn't remove it for a group PIC??? Heehee

BrassWillow said...

The F22 is SYCK. ;)

Hope you have a great camping trip!

Chey's Dad said...

A lifetime of aviation, and I still like airshows! I used to say “someday I’ll do that.” Now I say, “Yeah, I’ve done that”
I can recall when I was in UPT, sweating my fanny off trying to learn to fly the Tweet, I went to an airshow in Chandler and saw Bob Hoover do his stuff in a Shrike Commander (very impressive!) After his performance, I went over and talked to him: "Mr. Hoover, what's your secret? I'm having cows trying to fly this docile AF Trainer.” “Kid,” he said, “all an airplane wants to see is airspeed.” That was my epiphany!
Nearly 35 years and 8000 flying hours later, I met Bob again and told him that story – it brought a tear to his eye.
Standing by your airplane and answering the questions of little kids and Top Gun Wannabe’s is very rewarding.

Anonymous said...

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