Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Envelope Day

Today, March 31st is Red Envelope Day. So if you feel led, grab your red envelope and address it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C. 20500

And on the back of the envelope, seal it and write:

"This envelope represents one of the children who died because of an abortion. It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be part of our world."

Check out more details and what it means here.

The envelope needs to be in the mail today!! (Or I bet tomorrow would be okay too)


BrassWillow said...

Mine is filled out and waiting for a stamp.

Jamie Massey said...

I will not be mailing a red envelope. Here is why.

Your Congress, (and other elected official) are pretty much older white men. I don't feel like it is some old white dude's job to tell me what to do. Yes, abortion is bad. But even worse is someone NOT related to me, or someone who doesn't even KNOW ME, telling me what I can and CAN'T do with MY body. We have enough government. We don't need any more...

Why stop there? Hey-you CAN'T get a tattoo. You CAN'T get cosmetic surgery. Hey- you CAN'T HAVE ANY MORE BABIES. It has been done before. (ie. China) Less Government.

Cheyenne and John said...

Jamie.. I definitely don't disagree with you about less govt is more! I would love to see a govt that ran fluently and efficiently and didn't tell people how to spend their money or make their own personal decisions for them. That being said, I feel the way I do for 2 reasons.

1. After having an actual life (Riley) living inside of me, I was constantly in awe and amazement with the miracle of life. And abortion laws are currently being revamped to an "anything goes" mentality.. more-over the tax payers are then responsible for paying for "Sally Irresponsible's" surgery to take the baby out of her body and kill it. So much for keeping the govt out since they are using our money for funding.

2. I think that responsibility should be held on each person what they do and don't do with their bodies... And deal with the consequences either way. EX: I try to work out and eat well so that my body will remain in good shape as I age and those that eat poor diets and don't exercise must deal with the consequences they've laid on themselves (Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc). Also... where is the line drawn between YOUR rights for YOUR body and the BABY inside?

Anyway.. I respect your decision not to send an envelope and even more to comment why. But I've been really wrestling with the issue lately and feel at peace with my decision to support a Pro-Life stance.

We can still be friends- *wink*

Mom said...

I wouldn't mind giving the President a piece of my mind, but I'm not sure this is the format I personally want to choose. The red envelope idea is catchy though!!

Snakeye said...

Wow, good opinions all around from both Chey and Jamie!

That being said, I tend to side with Jamie.

I wouldn't give my little one up for the world, but Chey has a point to say "who decides exactly when it turns from a bunch of multiplying cells to life" point. Who knows? I certainly don't. BUT...
Either way you look at it, it's a waste of tax payers money and worse: would you rather have tax payers pay for someone else's irresponsibility? Or would you rather have the tax payers pay for a human being that may be a burden on society (ie, I'm sure not growing up in the most conducive environment and perhaps even walking in the irresponsible mothers footsteps)?

Like I said, there are definitely very valid arguments on both sides that haze the issue, hence why it's such a hot and fought-over issue. But bottom-line: I don't think other people/government should have a say in it.

And on the extremely harsh & cold side of things: the world is over-populated with humans anyway.